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Veterinární kliniky pro psy a kočky
MVDr. Milana Snášila, CSc. a kol.

Podveská 20, 624 00 Brno
tel.: +420 549 251 419,
mobil: +420 605 813 955

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Po–Čt 9:00–16:00
Pá 9:00–14:00


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We provide all veterinary services for dogs and cats and specialize in hard and soft tissue surgery and neurosurgery.


1. Orthopaedics:

  • We offer the state-of-art diagnostics and treatment of orthopaedic development defects.
  • Trauma treatment, damages to locomotive organs, fractures, luxation, ruptures of ligaments, tendons and muscles.
  • Treatment of degenerative skeleton diseases, osteoporosis, dysplasia, tumours, bone infections and autoimmunity diseases.
  • Assessment of hip joint dysplasia.
  • Assessment of elbow joint dysplasia.
  • Assessment of patella luxation.


2. Soft Tissues Surgery:

  • Soft tissue injuries.
  • External auditory canal surgery (auditory canal resection, removal of neoplasm).
  • Thoracic cavity surgery - (thoracic cavity trauma, persisting ductus arteriosus, diaphragmatic hernia).
  • Enterocoele surgery - enterotomy, intestine anastomosis, gastrotomy, surgery of stomach torsion and upper and lower urine outlet routes (cystotomy, perineal urethrostomy), male castration, female sterilization, plastic surgery of umbilical hernia, ventral, groin and perineal hernias.
  • Removal of neoplasm and provision of histology examination.


3. Postoperative Hospitalization:

  • Oxygen box, thermoregulation, intensive care, infusion therapy, pain suppression program.
  • Rehabilitation - reconditioning exercises during treatment of chronic degenerative diseases.

4. Neurology and Neurosurgery:


  • Diagnostics and treatment of nerve apparatus diseases, in particular of spinal diseases (myelography, possibility of referring patients to MRI).
  • Spinal operations for treatment of discopathia, diseases of inter-vertebral discs, paralysis of limbs -(hemilaminectomy, mini-hemilaminectomy, laminectomy).
  • Caudae equinae syndrome (compression of spinal channel at transition between lumbar and sacral section of spine).
  • Wobblers syndrome (instability of cervical vertebrae, in particular in large and gigantic breeds of growing dogs).
  • Alanto-axial sub-luxation (disturbed integrity of ligament between 1 st and 2 nd cervical vertebrae).
  • Spinal trauma (fractures, sub-luxation of vertebra, etc.).


5. Cardiology:

  • Heart diseases diagnosed by means of X-Ray, USG, ECG and digital tonometer.
  • Treatment of congenital cardiac insufficiencies, myocardium and pericardium disorders. and diagnostics and treatment of cardiac arrhythmia.


6. Laboratory Diagnostics:

  • For fast assessment of blood samples we use automatic and semi-automatic analyzer for biochemical and haematological blood analysis.
  • We also carry out urine tests, coprological examination of droppings to establish presence of endo-parasites, cytological examination of cells by aspiration biopsy.
  • We do examinations to establish presence of eco-parasites, and microscopic examinations.
  • We provide comprehensive histological examination of the removed neoplasm.


7. Gynaecology:

  • Our clinic is equipped with Aloka 1200 ultrasound diagnostic device and with high-frequency X-Ray machine.
  • We determine hormone levels (progesterone - to establish ovulation time to ascertain optimal time for mating, Oestrogen, Testosterone, and other).
  • We perform vaginal cytology.
  • We do early diagnostics of pregnancy.
  • We monitor development of pregnancy.


8. Ophthalmology:

  • We diagnose and do surgical treatment of disorders in eyelids, eyes and of lacrimal apparatus.
  • We offer surgical treatment of lens cataract.

9. Internal Medicine:


  • Gastroenterology - native and contrast X-ray examination of digestive tract, USG examination.
  • Urology (examination of urinary apparatus by USG diagnostic device).

10. Dermatology:

  • Microscope examination of skin scrapings.
  • Histological examination of skin bioptates.
  • Allergy diagnostics.
  • Diagnosing of skin mycosis.
  • Solving allergies to food.


11. Specialist Consultations:

  • We provide specialist consultations for veterinary surgeons and breeders in the field of veterinary surgery, orthopaedics, roentgenology, and neurosurgery.


12. Basic Veterinary Care:


  • Preventive inoculation, de-worming.
  • Chipping, issuance of international passports.
  • Diagnosing and treatment of routine diseases and injuries.
  • Dietetics.
  • Removal of plague from teeth by ultrasound device.
  • Clinical examination of animals prior to travel to foreign countries (blood analysis to establish antibody level against rabies) and in cases of an injury to people.
  • Selling of animal food, clinical dietetic food, and diet supplements.
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